Driving the energy transition in Latin America

Together with ECOHL, we sell energy and water treatment services to end users, making 100% of the investments, taking responsibility for the operation and maintenance of generation systems.

Driving the energy transition in Latin America

About us

Our ally ECOHL belongs to the HL Group, which thanks to its more than 52 years of experience in the design and assembly of plants for heavy industry, allows us to implement a reliable process in the design and assembly of plants for heavy industry.


Environmental impact

Awareness about the need to reduce the environmental footprint


Economic benefits

Substantial financial savings on energy consumption vs. grid fees


Energy stability

Eliminate power intermittency with your own power supply


No risks for you

We take responsibility for the operation, eliminating construction and operational risk

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about us
Colombia is the third largest economy in Latin America, and is part of the CIVETS group of six leading emerging markets and is an accessing member to the OECD. Its principal industries include oil, mining, chemicals, health related products, food processing, agricultural products, textile and fabrics, garments, forest products, machinery, electronics, military products, metal products, home and office material, construction equipment and materials, banking, financial services, software, IT services and the automotive industry. The electricity production in Colombia comes mainly from renewable energy sources. 67.8% is obtained from the hydroelectric generation. Colombia's commitment to renewable energy was recognized in the 2014 Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), ranking among the top 10 nations in the world in terms of greening efficiency sectors.
Refinery Thermo Pulp and Paper Nuclear Hydro Total
2 16 4 - 31 53
Chile is today one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations. It leads Latin American nations in rankings of human development, competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, state of peace, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption. It also ranks high regionally in sustainability of the state, and democratic development. Chile has the highest degree of economic freedom in South America (ranking 7th worldwide), owing to its independent and efficient judicial system and prudent public finance management. Copper mining makes up 20% of Chilean GDP and 60% of exports. Escondida is the largest copper mine in the world, producing over 5% of global supplies. Overall, Chile produces a third of the world’s copper.
Refinery Thermo Pulp and Paper Nuclear Hydro Total
3 19 8 - 35 65
Peru is a representative democratic republic divided into 25 regions. It is a developing country with a high Human Development Index score and a poverty level around 25.8 percent. Its main economic activities include mining, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing. It currently has a high human development index of 0.741 and per capita GDP above $12,000 by PPP. Services account for 43% of Peruvian gross domestic product, followed by manufacturing (32.3%), extractive industries (15%), and taxes (9.7%). Recent economic growth has been fueled by macroeconomic stability, improved terms of trade, and rising investment and consumption.
Refinery Thermo Pulp and Paper Nuclear Hydro Total
7 15 6 - 17 45


Airem Energy’s turbine generator package is powered by the environmentally friendly, reliable and economical OP16 all-radial gas turbine from OPRA Turbines. Designed and built in the US, our turbine packages bring the OP16 radial turbine to market across the Americas, with local service and parts to support or clients’ needs.

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2G offers a wide range of low-emission, high-efficiency cogeneration systems. Our cogeneration systems feed thousands of various applications around the world. Join the energy revolution.

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Biofiltro's mission is to provide worm powered regenerative solutions that enable companies and communities to filter water, build soil health, and offset their carbon footprint. In doing so, we cultivate a harmonious relationship between people, planet, and profit.

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Using the water available to our customers, we apply the best technologies to achieve the quality and quantity of water they require, always focused on the options with the least impact on the environment.

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